Who we partner with

We are here to work in hand with you and your tenants or landlord, whoever they are. We work with Letting agents allowing them to concentrate on filling properties, with businesses to provide facilities management support without consultant prices and direct landlords to look after one of their biggest assets and keeping the value in it.

Property upkeep

We carry out repairs and general maintenance through our staff and contractors to ensure any work is carried out within a timely manner, we have agreements with landlords that keep a clear information trail for costing and repairs as well as keeping the tenant in the loop for any items that have been reported.

Ensuring that the right certification is in place for contractors and the relevant health and safety is in place to protect our clients and the tenants on site.

When it comes to outperforming our rivals we have a number of unique services that achieve this, one of our ways is that we aren’t just a 24/7 phone number for your tenant but we also process and keep emergency files on all our sites to look after your tenant but to also ensure we know how to isolate at speed protecting further damage to your property. We can work as key holders for repairs, servicing or even working with your letting agent.


Property Life Cycle

When taking on a property we look at the complete property lifecycle to ensure the landlord is fully aware of all the items that may cost in the future and to try and smooth the outlay of works out over a longer period of time. We also suggest ways of increasing the life in certain areas to save money long term for the landlord and the pain of on-going works in the property for the tenant.

Please contact us for a discussion and arrangement for a landlord lifecycle report to be carried out on your property. No one wants unexpected costs for their property.

Facilities and Services

With so much experience within the property market in domestic and commercial, we aim to provide good value strong services for both. We look after all sizes and shapes of units and estates. Here are some of the services we offer and are growing every day –



Key Holder Services

Window Cleaning

Gutter flushing


Decoration (interior and exterior)


Boiler services


And more…